Cryomed Pro

The safest Cryotherapy device on the market


Cryotherapy chambers look like a room similar to a stand-up tanning booth.

This next-generation device contains newly developed, CE approved electronic system controlled by touch screen TECO, focusing on reliability and maximum protection of the customer.

The chamber is equipped with an emergency stop button on the front panel and accident prevention system in the cabin. The chamber also allows connecting to Wi-Fi and gives comfortable access for remote service support.

Cryomed developed an innovative safety system (Accident Prevention System) that consists of a human-position sensor in the cabin, a door-opening sensor, a session emergency stop button and ventilation. To date, no other cryotherapy device companies have such a system in place.

The Cryomed Accident Prevention System:

An ultrasonic sensor controls the user’s position in the cabin and will not start the procedure unless the operator raises the lift step to the desired height. The chamber will not start if there is a chance that a person can breathe in nitrogen vapours.

Should anything abnormal occur during the procedure, the cryo safe mechanism will instantly stop the session and activate the ventilation in order to ensure patient safety.

If the cabin door opens by accident, another sensor will prevent excessive nitrogen vapours from entering the premises by stopping the procedure.

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