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As an award winning Stunt Coordinator/Stuntman with over 23 years of throwing myself off buildings, into the way of moving vehicles, setting myself on fire and generally abusing my body, it seriously has taken its toll. This is why a good Physical therapist has always been vitally important to me, as they keep me mobile and able to perform when my body doesn’t want to or simply cant!! Now as an action Director, I need physical therapy just to maintain mobility whilst I direct sequences and spend most of the day on my feet choreographing fights and action scenes.

I have been treated by Olympic Ski Team and Rugby World Cup physiotherapists and some of the highest regarded osteopaths and chiropractors in the world - and remember maybe 2 in my entire career. Jill was introduced to me 12 years ago and I have been seeing her at every available opportunity since, as she not only has always managed to fix me, no matter how broken I was, but she also maintains my body in a way that allows me to do what I do on a daily basis. I rate Jill as simply the best Physical Therapist I have ever had treat me and I put this down to her passion for her craft as her primary motivation with it being a business as her secondary!

I have referred Jill to many of my colleagues and team members over the years and they all feel the same about her passion, methods and techniques.
— Wade Eastwood (2nd Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator/Stuntman)

Professional, responsible, dedicated. The best therapist I ever had.
— Dr. Charles Vasile, MD

This girl really knows her stuff. Jill has a way with the body that doesn’t just fix a problem but fixes the problem causing the problems! Phew....basically she doesn’t just heal an existing issue she finds the cause. This is what makes her stand out from the crowd as she’s super in tune with the human body and has the eye (and skill) to figure what’s wrong! Smart courteous and skilled what more can you ask for in a PT! Ps she’s very strong!
— Sam E, Pilates Instructor

Whole Body Cryotherapy has helped relieve the tremendous amount of chronic pain I feel in my neck from a twisted vertebrae. It’s been a godsend. Thank you, Cryo Health Solutions!
— Zoe B, Writer and designer, Auckland